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A remote valley located inland from Gandia. This narrow valley has some beautiful climbing and we had the whole place to ourselves for the entire day. The only thing to slightly spoil the remoteness of the location was the loud hailer announcements from the water bottling factory. Don't let that put you off however, this is definitely one of those classic Costa Blanca climbing areas and the feeling of having the place all to yourself is absolutely wonderful.

Sector Frigorific

Thanks to Juan Llorens

Sector Frigorific - Left

The climber is on S'asbara


Another single pitch, sport climbing area. A good area for anyone who wants to climb at F5 or up. The tight V of this valley means that it is quite enclosed and creates an atmosphere that leaves you feeling that you may have discovered someone else's secret playground.

There are crags that face North or South so you can shelter from the sun or bask in it depending on your taste. Sector Frigorific is particularly good for shelter on a scorching day and has some great routes in the F5 grade. Sector Estival is a bit small and more of a warm up. The other crags are higher up the sides of the valley and are better for those looking for more challenging climbs in the 6b to 7a range.


bulletThis is another crag that has benefited from the completion of the Gandia bypass. From the south follow the bypass to the first exit and turn left and head inland.
bulletFollow the guide book's directions past the bottling plant to the sub station. You know when you are at the right place as you are surround by crags. If in any doubt you're probably in the wrong place.
bulletIf you are using the 1st edition RockFax it shows a new road being built around Castellon de Rugat, do not take this is as it has not been connect through. Instead stay on the original road and go into the village. This has been updated in the latest edition.
bulletRockFax describes this crag as being about an hour from Calpe, I would have said that was a little optimistic, perhaps an hour and a quarter.
bulletThe 2nd edition RockFax also mentions that some of the F5 routes on Frigorific have been debolted. These have now all been replaced.
bulletThree (easier) routes on the wall behind the substation (Sector Estival) have been debolted - 'la bruixa de salem', 'negra neus i els set gigants', 'naxcuda en liure'. (phew!)  - Thanks to Ian Silvester for these details.

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My Favourite Route

Mikel I Altres Broses F5 - A delicate route leads up through a quite exposed final section. A memorable experience for anyone climbing at this grade.

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