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This is one of the group of inland crags. It lies a little way off any main roads and it's final approach is along an unmade track that, by appearance, could become impassable after rain. In the dry it is an interesting proposition only to be attempted in a hire car.

Forada - North Side  Forada - North Side

 Thanks to Juaun Llorens


The crag is situated on the top of a hill and is visible from quite a distance as you approach. The two sides of the crag have astonishingly different characters. The south face has nothing but low scrub growing up to it and the sun bakes down unforgivingly. The north face has a protective cover of trees growing right up to the base of the cliff and is wonderfully sheltered.

The climbing on the two sides of the crag is also completely different. The south side has many slabby routes in the 5 and 6s. The north face is defined by it's huge overhanging routes in sector Super Heroes and others. Unsurprisingly most of this climbing is in the high 6s and 7s


bulletForget the south side on a hot day it simply isn't bearable.
bulletForget the Access Passage its perfectly simple to walk round and probably preferable with loaded rucksacks.

RockFax Routes Database

Check out the Forada page of the RockFax Routes Database for details of routes at Forada.

My Favourite Route

bulletRoute: Periquito F5+

An interesting little route that is probably harder than its neighbouring 6a and 6a+ routes. The upper two sections of this route provide the technical challenge but with some perfect bolt positioning you're not going anywhere so push for it.

Least Favourite Route

bulletRoute: Pictolin F6a

A hard little proposition for the grade with sustained arm work right through the route. My least favourite because I left some blood up there. Fell off the bl**dy thing! Next time it will be mine!

Favourite Routes

bulletRoute: Thor (7b+)  at  the "super-heroes" area.

Description: Long,sustained climbing on jugs with the crux at the end. Don't waste energy and climb fast down low. Rest at about three quarters of the way.

Name: Jorge Rodriguez

bulletRoute: Mujer Furtiva

Description: 6a+, quite long, very absorbing, excellent sequences of moves

Name: Anne C

bulletRoute: Muscleman

Description: One of the best 7b I have ever climbed.

Name: Moeno

bulletRoute: Superheroes sector

Description: Every one is beautiful - long , sustained and overhanging.

Name: K.R.

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Forada - North Side

Thanks to Juan Llorens

 Climber C.Lacasa

Thor, 7b+