Mascarat Gorge
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The Mascarat Gorge is the dramatic split in the Bernia ridge just South of Calpe. All the main roads, railroad and motorways come through here on various bridge and through various tunnels. This rather strange and esoteric setting holds some spectacular mountain routes.

Mascarat Gorge
View from the starting bridge of Via UBSA showing the main 'A' road and the railway bridge.


View from the very bottom of the gorge showing its true scale.

Mascarat Gorge


A few hundred years back this would have been a truly spectacular piece of natural beauty. These days the gorge has an 'A' road, a motorway and a railway running through it. Oddly enough this adds its own points of interest to the routes. Sitting above an dual carriageway as it disappears into a tunnel whilst belaying your partner is an odd and some amusing experience.

On the longer routes it is surprising how quickly that you leave the modern world behind and ascend into the vertical world. From half way up and onwards fantastic views can be had both to the North, towards Penon, and to the South down to the tower blocks of Benidorm in the distance.


bulletTake a decent pair of shoes/walking boots with you. The descent route is across country and is quite rough. Don't make my mistake and have to descend in deck shoes. (Hey, when I packed for Spain I wasn't planning on doing anything bigger than single pitch stuff.)
bulletIf you are doing the upper routes then park in the turn off on the right some way before the tunnels as you approach from the South on the 'A' road - C332. If you are approaching from the North then, obviously, drive through the tunnels and the turning will be on your left. You may well have a problem doing this as I suspect this will be a no left turn.
bulletTake a camera, this really does produce some good views.

The descent route

The Descent Route?

My Favourite Route

Via UBSA - More correctly know as Llobet-Bertomeu (G.Llobet, J.Bertomeu 2-74).

I'm a bit limited here as I have only done this one route, but it was a classic, there is no question of that. Starts off on the old, unused bridge and immediately climbs up and over the dual carriageway. From here it climbs the vertical wall above. The crux pitch is a classic corner that could have been design for a climbing wall to maximize interest. Even the last couple of pitches which, although very easy, are still well worth doing with a fantastic position to enjoy. And anyway, you've got to top out having come this far, haven't you?

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Me on Via UBSA
Me on Via UBSA


View from the very top

On Top