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There are a number of crags detailed in the RockFax guide that lie just inland from Toix and the Calpe region.  These can be seen up above the estates to the left of the motorway as you are heading north. Being above the estates their approaches are quite convoluted, but stick with the RockFax directions and you should be ok.

Ja Mama, 6b+ Ja Mama, 6b+

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Individual smallish crags that have climbing in the F6 and higher grades. The individual crags have somewhat differing characters. Altea is amongst the building line and is virtually a roadside crag. Altea Col is situated close to the Altea crag but is set further back into the hills away from the buildings and has a 10 minute walk in.


bulletRockFax shows two areas to park. The more northerly parking should be used for Altea Col and the more southerly for Dalle d'Ola.
bulletDon't bother with Dalle d'Ola unless you can climb F6a or above. The 3 routes in the F5 grade are poorly bolted and scrappy climbs. The F6 routes however do look good.
bulletThere has been some access problems with Dalle d'Ola in the past, while building work was underway. This however appears to have been resolved now the houses are complete. However, the crag is very close to housing so it is probably worth being on best behaviour if you are going to climb there.

New Developments

There have been some new developments on the Altea Col crag. Check out the topo for these on the Calpe page of the Costa Blanca Rock website. A website that carries topos to new areas of development on the Costa Blanca.

RockFax Routes Database

Check out the Altea page of the RockFax Routes Database for details of routes at Altea.


None. The group I was with only tried the F5 routes and could not recommend them.

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