El Aventador
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A large crag situated in an open valley. This area appears to be used as a recreational park by the Spanish and can be quite busy during Spanish holidays. We were there on a bank holiday and there were trail bikers and ramblers (and other climbers!) However the size of the valley easily absorbed all this and a pleasant days climbing was had.

El Aventador The crag

Thanks to Simon Caldwell

Trembolando estoy, 6b

Trembolando estoy, 6b

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One of the larger single pitch crags. This is an excellent crag for those climbing in the French 5+ or 6a grades. Numerous routes of these grades and their proximity to each other makes for an extremely productive days climbing. A 10 minute walk in leads to the western end of the crag. Again a southerly facing crag in an exposed position leads to some baking conditions on hot days.

As is so often the way in Spain, you follow the guide to El Aventador only to discover that there are three other crags undocumented in the guides. This reflects the sheer quantity of climbing in the Costa Blanca.


bulletA large number of the routes on this crag follow a surprisingly straight line. As the RockFax guide mentions this can lead to a feeling of 'done one, done them all'. When we climbed here we started at the right hand end of the crag and slowly worked our way leftwards. Upon consideration, I suspect this was a mistake and it would have been better to have dotted around the crag some more. Certainly, although the grading of each route was probably correct, the feeling of already having done each route started to creep in.
bulletFollow the road beyond the end of the tarmac to the car park on the bend.
bulletThis is another crag that has benefited from the completion of the Gandia bypass. From the south follow the bypass to the first exit and turn left and head inland.

RockFax Routes Database

Check out the Aventador page of the RockFax Routes Database for details of routes at Aventador.

My Favourite Route

bulletRoute: Obelix F6a

So I'm biased, this happens to be one of the first F6a I ever led. A good route none the less. Fingery and balancy in the earlier section leads up to an overhang with good positive holds to pull through it on. The earlier section is probably the crux for tall people who can reach the good holds on the overhang. If you're not so tall then the overhang becomes the crux.

Your Favourites

bulletRoute: Jorge Negrete F6a

Description: After a rather nondescript start behind a tree , the route has 25m of delightful 6a climbing with one tricky section , with the lower-off just out of reach! If you've enjoyed this you don't have too far to walk to get to the next good route "Coconuts" (6a also) which is next to it!

Name: Stuart Greenall

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