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This page gives all the details about the best time to climb in the Costa Blanca. It covers the area's weather patterns as well as a few facts about bird restriction that exist on certain crags at certain times of the year.


Typical Annual Weather Pattern:





  Deg C Deg F



January 12 54 25 5
February 13 55 25 6
March 14 57 25 6
April 15 59 25 7
May 17 63 25 8
June 22 72 20 9
July 25 77 10 10
August 25 77 25 9
September 24 75 50 7
October 20 68 65 6
November 19 66 35 5
December 14 57 25 5

Somewhere behind the Puig Campana

Winter 2004/5

(Don't worry, this is extremely rare!)

Current Forecasts

For the latest weather forecast for the area check out the following sites:

Weather.co.uk - A 10 day forecast including today.

Oratgenet.com - A local Spanish weather site.

Web Cams

Check out the current weather on the web cams at: http://webcam.comunitatvalenciana.com/. Just click on any of the names on the map to see local web cams.


I have climbed in May when it was a nice temperature to be there but not too hot to climb. The sea was too cold to swim in.
I have also climbed in October when there were similar temperatures but October is Spain's wettest month. Being Spain the rain doesn't spread itself evenly over the whole month but concentrates itself into a semi-monsoon called the Gota Fria. It really is best not to be caught in this as it brings very high winds, hail stones and torrential rain. Don't let me put you off from climbing in this month, I had a week this year and managed to climb every day. Most of the time it was a little cloudy but the rain held off. Only once, at Sella, did we actually get caught by hail. The sea was beautiful to swim in.
I have had a recommendation for climbing in November/December. The weather is still fine (although take some extra clothes if you are planning to climb Puig de Campana as it does get cold at that extra height) and there are some amazing bargains to be had. How does £96/person for flight and apartment sound?
Forget June to September. For a start it is just too hot and secondly you'll get caught by the school holidays when all the prices take a leap. If you have to go at this time of year there are some crags out of the sun. Try Toix West or Forada North for a start.

Bird Restrictions

A couple of crags have bird restrictions on them during the Spring or Summer months:

Gandia - The whole crag in theory has a ban on climbing from February to May. However, in my experience and as mentioned in RockFax, everyone still seems to climb, even the locals.
Penon D'Ifach - Part of the North Face carries a bird ban from May to September. Note: the rest of the North Face carries a ban all year round as it is directly above the tourist path to the top of the mountain. This leaves the magnificent South face free all year round.
Cabreras - Sector Cumbre carries a ban from February to the end of May. Chris Craggs doesn't mention this ban at all so I'm not sure how strict it is.