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Welcome to Costa Blanca Climbing!

This web site is designed as a source of information for anyone interested in climbing in the Costa Blanca. This wonderful area of Spain has long been known as a Sun & Fun holiday destination but is only recently becoming known as an international venue for climbing.

The sheer quantity and variety of climbing, not to mention the good weather, makes this a wonderful place to climb particularly during those wet and miserable winters back home.

View from Penon View from the top of the mighty Penon d'Ifach looking South across Calpe.

I have climbed in this area now for the last ten years and it is my intention with this site to pass on some of the little tips that I have picked up along the way that may not have been published in the more, shall we say, normal guides.

I'm afraid I don't claim to be the greatest of climbers (hey, I happen to enjoy F5+) so if there is anyone out there with tips for some of the harder crags feel free to contact me at

The site is primarily aimed at us poor Brits that have to put up with the awful British winters but I hope there is information here that any visitor may find useful. Maybe even something for the locals too! In fact, if you are local then I would love to hear from you to pick your brains for any useful info.

If you have any other comments please fill in the Guestbook or View the Guestbook to see what others have said.

Enjoy the great climbing,


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