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Escalada y senderismo en el Cabeço d'Or (Busot)

Author: Manolo Pomares

ISBN: 846091013x

Published: 2004

Price: 15 €

Pages: 145

A comprehensive guide to the climbing on the Cabezon de Oro mountain.

You can find more details, and buy it from the Desnivel library.

Escaladas en el Puig Campana

Author: Manolo Pomares

ISBN: 84-606-3528-7

Published: 2003

Pages: 227

Price: 18 €

Escaladas en el Puig Campana

The latest version of the guide to climbing on Puig Campana. You can find more details, and buy it from the Desnivel library.

112 propuestas de escalada en la Comunidad Valenciana

Author: Carlos Tudela

ISBN: 8460732371

Published: 2001

Price: 12,62 €

112 propuestas de escalada en la Comunidad Valenciana

A selection of 112 routes on crags around Valencia and Alicante.

You can find more details, and buy it from the Desnivel library.

Penon De Ifach by Roy de Lavera

ISBN: 84-607-2486-7

Published: 2001

Price: 13,60 €

Penon De Ifach

A new edition of the Penon guide was released in June 2001. This is a very colourful and professional looking guide that covers numerous routes that have not been detailed in either the RockFax or Chris Craggs guide. These new routes cover a whole range of grades so there is something new for everyone. The routes are detailed using topos and a range of graphical icons used to indicate style and character. There are no English route descriptions, however virtually every route does have its own topo on its own page to aid clarity.

The guide has several 'wordy' sections, an introduction, some history, etc, that have English translations and give some interesting background information. If you are a keen fan of this wonderful mountain, and there is every reason to be, then I can easily recommend this guide. If you read Spanish then you also get the added bonus of the brief route descriptions.

I also have the original version of this guide which is quite useful as it contains some good topo guides to Penon and Toix. There is also a foreign language section in the back that contains English and German translations although no route descriptions.

You can find more details, and buy it from the Desnivel library.

Sella Guia de Escalada

Published: 2001

Price: 1000 pts

Sella Guia de Escalada

Local guide to the Sella valley. A new version of this guide was published in 2001. As well as the Calpe sport shop this can also be purchased at the climbers refuge at Sella itself.

Guía de Escalada del Puig Campana by Carlos Tudela

ISBN: 84-606-2386-6

Published: 1995

Guía de Escalada del Puig Campana

'There are significant discrepancies between this book and the information supplied by Rowland Edwards for use in the latest RockFax. However most of these discrepancies are only on the Edwards routes. Also I think many of the topos leave a lot to be desired. However it does document the whole mountain including a lot of easy big mountain routes around the back.'

Thanks to Alan James (RockFax) for these details.

It sounds like this guide might be of some interest to us mere mortals that prefer the easier grades.

Guia de Escalada del Ponoig by Carlos Tudela

ISBN: 84-605-7922-0

Published: 1998

Price: 1,900 pts

ponoch_guide.jpg (6931 bytes)

A local guide to the huge cliffs on El Ponoch. Both Chris Craggs and the latest edition of the RockFax guide cover only a couple of routes on this mountain so if huge, long, multi-pitch routes are your thing then this might be a useful guide to get hold of.

Thanks to John Tombs and Paulino Gallego Vazquez for these details

Escaladas en le Medio y Alto Vinalopo

ISBN: 84-605-3998-9

Published: 1995

vinalopo_guide.JPG (68403 bytes)

The Vinalopo is one of the major rivers in the Costa Blanca and this guide book covers the climbing in the river's valley. This covers all those crags that are somewhat inland from Alicante with such classic crags as Sax (Cabreras) and Forada as well as the less well known Marin and Pena del Corb. These last two and several other crags are in this guide and the Chris Craggs guide but are still not in the RockFax so if you already own the RockFax and don't want to have to buy Craggs' guide as well then this may be a cheaper alternative.Or you could simply buy this guide and not bother with any English guide and still have plenty of climbing to last you several holidays.

This guide, as with so many of the Spanish guides, is of a more pocket sized format than either of the English guides. There are English translations of the more wordy sections, i.e. introductions and history. The actual crags are defined using quite well drawn topos but no route descriptions at all. This is less of a disadvantage than it sounds as sport routes tend to be quite easy to follow because of their line of bolts.